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Easy Reader, May 30, 2018

Bigger and better: “CA 101” art show opens Friday in Redondo Beach


The annual “CA 101” is beginning to seem like the defining moment for art in the South Bay, and now, seven years in, this two week event has expanded to not only include art from California, but from the rest of the country and even from overseas.


With its global reach, curator Nina Zak Laddon expresses the hope that “knowledge of other cultures and other points of view will enrich the life of every visitor.” Exhibition director Sandra Liljenwall adds that “The enthusiasm of the artists we’ve dealt with nationally and internationally has been extraordinary.”


And lastly, in the words of Chantal Toporow, president of the Friends of Redondo Arts Group, under whose auspices these exhibitions take place, “‘CA 101’ is consistently building our social and cultural capital, as well as community cohesion, by providing a collective experience of public expression around us.”


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Easy Reader, June, 2018

CA 101 art show in Redondo


The annual CA 101 is beginning to seem like the defining moment for art in the South Bay, and now, seven years in, this two week event has expanded to not only include art from California, but from the rest of the country and even from overseas.



CA 101 2018 opened Friday, June 1, at 200 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach (formerly Gold’s Gym). Additional days and hours, Saturday through Thursday, June 7, from 12 to 7 p.m.; Friday, June 8, from 12 to 6 p.m.; Saturday, June 9, from 12 to 5 p.m.; and Sunday, June 10, from 12 to 6 p.m. Parking is available for $6 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel or for $2 an hour at the Redondo Beach Marina. Some street parking for those who don’t mind a bit of walking. For group curator-led tours call (310) 617-2840. For all other information go to

Lost, Ben Zask

Number 4 from the “Awakening” series,

by Robert Nelson

The Beach Reporter, May 30, 2018

CA 101 Art Exhibition gets a global flavor in Redondo Beach


Artists from around the globe, including 25 from Redondo Beach, will take part in the seventh annual CA 101 Art Exhibition, which opens Friday, June 1, at the long closed Gold's Gym in Redondo Beach.


According to curator Nina Zak Laddon, artists from eight countries, as well as five states and 44 California cities, are represented in CA 101.


“As a reaction to the current political and social movement to build walls and close gates in the USA, Europe and the world, CA 101 opened its doors and welcomed all artists, with the hope that knowledge of other cultures and of other points of view will enrich the life of every visitor to the exhibition,” Laddon said.


Exhibition director Sandra Liljenwall said the artists' enthusiasm has been “extraordinary.”


“They are eager to experience the interaction with California artists and feel the concept of FRBA (Friends of Redondo Beach Arts) producing such a sophisticated contemporary art exhibit as a gift to the community,” Liljenwall said.


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Slip N Slide, Cody Lusky

Diversions LA, June 8, 2018

CA 101 Exercises Artistic Muscles at Former Gold's Gym

The opening was last weekend, but there are more stellar events this closing weekend: June 8th – Wine Tasting at Sunset at the Gallery,  for tickets call (310) 720-4943; June 9th  TEDx Redondo Beach at the Gallery presents “Fake News & Filter Bubbles,” curated by Paul Blieden,

Gallery Hours:

Friday June 8th Noon – 6pm

Saturday June 9th noon – 5pm

Sunday June 10th Noon – 6pm

CA 101 is located at 200 Harbor Drive in Redondo Beach.


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The Beach Reporter,  May 30, 2017

Redondo Beach's CA 101 art exhibit explores fake news, immigration, politics


Fake news, immigration, President Trump … issues that have made headlines in recent months have also inspired artists.


“A lot of what’s happening in the world is being reflected in the work that artists are doing now,” said curator Nina Zak Laddon, including the dozens of artists taking part in the sixth annual CA 101, which opens Friday, June 2, with an artist reception.


Presented by the Friends of Redondo Beach Arts, CA 101, the art exhibit named “It Takes a Village,” finds a new location every year, from the AES Power Plant to last year's exhibit at the South Bay Galleria. This year, the pop-up gallery moves into a 10,000 square-foot furniture store on Avenue I that will soon be demolished for new development.


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CA 101 2017, It Takes A Village, Riveria Village, Redondo Beach CA

Easy Reader, June 1, 2017

“CA 101” opens on Friday in Riviera Village


I don’t want to sound like a shill for the Friends of Redondo Beach Art, but the annual “CA 101” shows really do seem to get better year after year. And why shouldn’t they? For this one, entitled “It Takes a Village” (it’s being held in Redondo’s Riviera Village), there were 900 submissions from 55 cities up and down the state. Beginning tomorrow evening and on view through Sunday, June 11, we’ll get to savor the work of 137 artists. And, as before, the exhibition director is Sandra Dyer Liljenwall and the curator/juror is Nina Zak Laddon.


Without sacrificing quality, “CA 101” has managed to bring us both new and unfamiliar artists, old friends and new friends. I spoke with two of the latter, both showing locally for the first time.


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Sleepers,Gus Harper

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The Beach Reporter,  July 27,2016

CA 101 gives Galleria an artistic vibe


CA 101, the beach cities’ annual pop-up art exhibition, electrifies the South Bay Galleria mall this year, featuring 141 artists and 240 artworks. Running through July 31, the stellar mix of local and regional California artists includes works in oil, watercolor, mixed media and photography, as well as a variety of major installation art.


Produced by the Friends of Redondo Beach Arts (FRBA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts in Redondo Beach, opening night last Friday was packed with more than 1,000 visitors taking in the exciting exhibition, which is divided into two spaces: the CA 101 Gallery and the CA 101 Affordable Art Store, featuring original works for sale at $200 or less.


The exhibition changes locations every year, and with the last four years featuring South Redondo Beach locations, including the Palos Verdes Inn, the AES Power Plant, and spaces on the Redondo Beach pier. Exhibition Director Sandra Dyer Liljenwall, and curator Nina Zak Laddon looked for a unique space in North Redondo—and found it.


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CA 101 2016, Front & Center, South Bay Galleria, Redondo Beach CA

The Beach Reporter,  July 21,2016

Art exhibit moves from AES to South Bay Galleria


Nearly 70 California cities are represented in the fifth annual CA 101, an art exhibit that will move from the AES power plant to the South Bay Galleria this year beginning with an opening reception Friday, July 22, starting at 5 p.m.


More than 200 artists submitted 928 art works of all mediums, with mixed media/assemblage being the most popular in the exhibit, followed by photography and installations.


“Working and creating an art exhibit like CA 101 takes a lot of hard work, but the key element to the success of the show are the extraordinary artists who have submitted phenomenal work to CA 101,” said Sandra Dyer Liljenwall, exhibition director. “We have 141 artists and 240 artworks in the show and the excitement is mounting.”


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Easy Reader, July 20, 2016

“CA 101” has an impressive lineup of artists from throughout the state


Just as Highway 101 brings together northern and southern California, so it is with “CA 101,” the annual arts exhibition founded four years ago in Redondo Beach.


Previous exhibitions have taken place at the AES Power Plant, the Palos Verdes Inn, and on the Redondo Beach Pier. This year it’s in the heart of the South Bay Galleria, near Macy’s, on the corner of Hawthorne and Artesia.


“CA 101” has become more prestigious during its short history. Now there are 141 artists from 69 different cities, with 240 works lined up for our viewing pleasure.


“An art exhibit like ‘CA 101’ takes a lot of hard work but the key element to the success of the show are the extraordinary artists,” says exhibition director Sandra Dyer Liljenwall.


Notes curator Nina Zak Laddon, “Curating ‘CA 101’ is a journey to a different land each year, a voyage full of discoveries, a quest for beauty and a study of our culture.”


Dyer Liljenwall and Zak Laddon are also the co-founders of “CA 101.”


Although some people may prematurely conclude that the show features the same local artists that they’ve been seeing since forever, 136 of the works on display are by artists entirely new to “CA 101.” Many of them are at the top of their game, too. As Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel points out, “‘CA 101’ brings artists from all over California to Redondo Beach. Our residents and visitors have the opportunity to see what contemporary artists are creating today.”


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Expecting to Fly, Denis Richardson